LEAF Customer Journey

In the past,  Canadian customers were required to reserve a Nissan LEAF on-line.  Starting December 2012, you are no longer required to make a reservation.  The Nissan LEAF is now available at your preferred EV certified LEAF dealer.

  1. purchasing LEAF

    As a Canadian customer,  you can now contact your preferred LEAF dealer to purchase a Nissan LEAF.  Click here to locate your preferred EV certified LEAF dealer.
  2. LEAF information

    For more information about the Nissan LEAF,  please visit  www.nissan.ca.
  3. LEAF charger option

    Nissan recommends AeroVironment for your home charging needs.  Click the link below for more information.
  4. owning a LEAF

    If you are a new LEAF owner or are about to take delivery of a new Nissan LEAF, please visit  CARWINGS  to set up your account .

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